Tuesday, February 3

The Anti-Diet

I know - it's been awhile. Busy-mom syndrome has hit again.... As well as a cold.

I thought I'd blog about the Anti-Diet --- diet soda. I was thinking about it the other day because I really love Diet Pepsi. I could drink it all day long. But I know how bad it is for me. Carbonated drinks inhibit our body's ability to absorb vitamins. When we're deficient in our vitamin intake, we don't have as much energy and don't feel as good. Everyone knows that the sodium makes us retain water. And not only that, but our bones can be effected as well.

One thing I have noticed, when I'm really strict with my nutrition, is that when I drink diet soda, I hold 2-3 pounds. I say "hold" because it comes right off the second I stop drinking the soda. Well, maybe not THE SECOND I stop drinking it, but soon after.

I've been sick and I love to drink ginger ale when I'm sick. So I've been drinking soda lately and I'm thinking a good way to start dropping the 5 pounds I put on over the holidays would be to just stop the soda intake.

It made me think of back when I was a teenager and I was skiing with my family. My brother wanted to ski the Cornice, so we went up the gondola and got off and as I stopped at the top of the hill, I was suddenly scared to death. It wasn't just a smooth hill you ski over to and start going down. This was a ledge. With a drop. And then you ski.

And it was steep.

So what I ended up doing was just going for it, with the expectation of falling halfway down the mountain.

But once I got over that cornice, it was much easier to ski. I really enjoyed it and ended up skiing that run over and over. So I think, in regards to my soda, if I stop drinking it and drop the few pounds it makes me hold onto, I'm jumping that cornice on my weightloss plan.

I think it's a great challenge to any of us who are drinking soda. Give up the Devil Juice, the Anti-Diet, the 2-3 Pounds that just want to hang around.

My alternative suggestion - Crystal Light mix-ins for bottled water. You can get a box of packets for $2.50 at Walmart. They're $6.50 at the grocery, so it's worth the trip to Walmart. And they make water WAAAAAAY more appetizing.

Happy drinking!!!

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  1. I know you're right. I had some diet coke today and watched my weight climb just between afternoon (post workout) and bedtime (I'm still not in bed). That's bad too because tomorrow is my official weigh in day.

    I notice that on days I drink diet cola I wake up the next morning feeling so dried out. This is true even if I drink a lot of water that day. I don't have soda daily but when I have it, it's a big fountain kind.

    You're right- I just need to give it up.


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