Wednesday, January 7

Did You Know.....

that getting enough Calcium will help you with weight loss? It's true! I also heard once that you can store up to six extra pounds if you're not getting enough Calcium, but I couldn't find the documentation to back that up.

The thing about Calcium is that you need to take it throughout the day, and you need to take it with Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

Now, when you're taking vitamins (and I recommend whole food vitamins by JuicePlus - a post for another day), you can feel like you are taking pill after pill. Whole food vitamins are not processed and compressed like regular vitamins from the store, so you have to take more of them. But when you are taking a lot of vitamins, the thought of taking a Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K pill is almost enough to make you throw in the towel on supplements. But don't despair! Here's what I do....

I take Adora Calcium. It's Calcium in the form of chocolate, and it has Vitamin D and Vitamin K. I take one after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but that's because (thanks to genetics) I have Osteoporosis. And since all dairy makes me sick to my stomach, I really need the Calcium. Most women would only need to take two a day. Since I've been taking the Adora, I now have Osteopenia, which is great. It means I have increased my bone density.

The great thing about Adora is it's almost like giving yourself a little sweet treat after a meal.

Calcium cannot be taken all at once because your body has to absorb it. So taking one Adora chocolate after your meals works really well. You can take them after lunch and dinner if you're only taking 1000 mg per day.

The cheapest place to get Adora is at The Vitamin Shoppe ( It's $6.49 for 30 pieces. You can get Adora in dark chocolate or milk chocolate. If you have a local store, you can call them and they will order however much you want. I usually call the store and order ten packages at a time.

Regardless of how you get your Calcium, you should be taking at least 200 IU of Vitamin D, 80 mcg of Vitamin K, and 1000 mg of Calcium every day, throughout the day.

Not only will Calcium keep your bones strong, it will help with weight control, so make sure you're getting enough Calcium!!!!

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