Friday, January 9

Check Out This Blog: CHARLIE MIKE

I love this blog!!! CHARLIE MIKE was started by Alden Mills, the creator of the Perfect Pushup and a former Navy SEAL. I like CHARLIE MIKE because it's all about health and fitness and getting and staying motivated. (Wow! I used WAY more and's in that last sentence than is grammatically acceptable!)

Alden's attitude is infectious and makes me want to try harder at anything I want to do. And with all his experience, he has a wealth of knowledge that seems to flow like a fresh well.

Alden often has guest bloggers, and often they are former Navy SEALs that he worked with in the Teams. Tom Rancich is currently answering questions on CHARLIE MIKE: Rally Call for Questions for LCDR Tom Rancich. I've known Tom for about 4 years now and he is a great guy. Another one with a wealth of knowledge, just like Alden. Tom and Alden worked together in the Teams as Navy SEALs. So if you have any questions, about motivation, about health and fitness, about Navy SEALs, dealing with life changes, or anything else, head on over to CHARLIE MIKE and ask away. Not only is Tom very knowledgeable, he also cares about people. Same with Alden. It's why they did what they did, and why they do what they do.

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